I code. I code for cod.

I've been doing this stuff for an awful long time, so giving a list of skills or the like would be a chore for me to write and for you to read. If you want a formal resume, go ahead and ask.

I specialize in UNIX and UNIX-like systems, graphics processing, data recovery, general administration, web work and training. I particularly enjoy using the Python language, but can work in or pick up nearly any reasonable language (yes, most "exotic" languages are unreasonable, take your brainf*ck projects elsewhere, thank you.)

I won't do military work. Period, don't bother to ask. Anything else, let me know what the project is, what you're looking for, and the terms, and we can see if something can be worked out.

Do electric penguins dream of robotic herring?

Digital Activism.

Will work for cod.

Scratchings in other's icebergs.


Things that amuse penguins.

I guess you can write to me if you'd like.