Divertissements and Distractions

I'm working on learning Russian, so here's a website for Голоса/Golosa, which provides audio and video files in support of the instructional books by the same name.

Gilles Tran is one of my favorite modern artists. Browse around Oyonale, there's plenty of magic to go around.

Speaking of which, I'm rather fond of raytracing. POVRay is in my not so humble opinion, one of the better raytracers out there, and there's generally fun to be had at the Internet Ray Tracing Competition.

Read Megatokyo. Awesome web comic, even if it is american manga.

Questionable Content. Another awesome web comic.

Do electric penguins dream of robotic herring?

Digital Activism.

Will work for cod.

Scratchings in other's icebergs.


Things that amuse penguins.

I guess you can write to me if you'd like.